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Star Fall


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  • Manufactured by: Cenotaph Corporation


The inhabitants of the planet Archer do not realize they are merely specimens in a cosmic experiment run by two nebular beings, Alpha & Omega. All goes well with the planet and its artistically inclined, scientifically naive natives until...

...Star Fall.

Master Artist Serne captures the meteorite impac on his newly invented art device, a camera. No one believes that the meteorite has brought plague to the gentle world--and no one has the knolwedge the stop the virus wiping out first pets and then people.

Only Serne, intent on saving his pregnant wife and their unborn child, finds the way to salvation. he not only rescues a world, he keeps Alpha and Omega from destroying their precious experiment.

9000 words

This product was added to our catalog on Sunday 16 May, 2010.

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